I hired Karen Jansen in the midst of much turmoil with my former attorney. With little or no effort, Ms. Jansen was able to take the mess that she came into and presented me with a clean, fully negotiated Settlement Agreement and a full set of uncontested divorce papers. She thoroughly communicated with me at all times, as well as opposing counsel. She is professional, bright, detail-oriented and understand her clients’ needs. She is passionate about every case and aggressively seeks the best and most creative result at all times. I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs an honest, hardworking attorney who will get the job done. C.S.

It was truly a pleasure and privilege to work with Karen on a potentially contentious and complicated custody matter. Anticipating the worst based upon the parties’ relationship, Karen’s professionalism, practicality and commitment unequivocally helped these people to resolve their dispute with a minimum of cost, emotional and financial. Not only was Karen responsive and thorough, but her knowledge of the court system in Westchester was a true benefit to everyone involved. I look forward to working with Karen in the future, and it is not often that we get to say that in our profession. S.F.

I selected Karen to represent me because of her extensive experience and good reputation in the court system. I particularly liked that she represented domestically abused clients for many years. I’ve come to observe that Karen is respected by judges, as well as by her peers.
With Karen as my lawyer, I feel protected in the court system. Karen is well versed with the law, and she comes to court prepared. She has a strong presence in the courtroom, and she fights hard for what is right. I trust Karen, as she is an effective and ethical attorney. Karen does the work necessary for hearings and document preparation. She does not inflame issues or do unnecessary work that would otherwise run up my legal bill.
I refer Karen without hesitation to friends and colleagues who are in need of a family law attorney.

“Karen has been my opponent in numerous Family Court matters over the past ten years. I know her to be candid, fair, and honest, an attorney of the highest integrity. I consider Karen to be a thoughtful and thorough attorney who is knowledgeable about the law and puts her clients’ interests at the forefront of each case she undertakes. I would have no hesitation in recommending Karen to any client who sought advice in matters of divorce or Family Court matters.” L.G.

While no one wants to be in a situation where legal representation is needed, many times we do not have a choice. While facing a very complicated child support matter, and not knowing anyone else who ever used an attorney for this type of case that could possibly recommend someone, I felt vulnerable and lost. I found Karen Jansen by looking at the Family Court calendar in my city, and saw her name listed on several cases. I contacted her and immediately felt genuine concern and interest in my case. I am so happy fate guided me her way. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and really does care. At every phase of my legal matter I felt a great deal of confidence in having Karen Jansen represent me, and always believed she had mine and my children’s best interest at heart. Most of all, I am very happy to say we had a successful outcome! While not an easy ordeal to go through, I believe Karen’s professionalism and support was an invaluable asset on my side.

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